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About What is JEM?

It's fully based on the infamous Eventlist component, originally developed by Schlu. The aim is to keep the component forward compatible with Eventlist, so current users can upgrade easily.

JEM is developed and supported by a community of volunteers. The best news: It's free! If you feel like you can contribute to the development, feel free to visit the forum and see how you can participate.

Dating quest xp mode de vie

We hope to update you mlde the next weeks with more details on mlde beta-release date. February We just released Version 2. October Version 2. Update System, so you will never miss a new version again! We also improved the code, thus making our rock dating quest xp mode de vie extension even faster than before.

We this web page custom fields in modules and there is a brand new plugin to list your events in any article. June JEM 2. September JEM 2. Event creators can now Invite attendees.

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May JEM 2. We also introduce a sidebar in the backend views when installed on Joomla 3, thus giving JEM a more native This web page Event registration has been enhanced, to allow attendees to send an additional comment with their registration.

And apart from this, many, many smaller enhancements and x fixes. November A new version of JEM was released. Along with a lot of smaller improvements see the changelog for them we are taking vie huge step forward, bringing JEM in line with the standard Joomla ACL rules. Before you upgrade a current installation please consider: If you use template have dating website names view possible please note that all views have been changed and there is a good chance that your overrides won't work as expected.

So please check the changes and adapt your files.

Dating quest xp mode de vie

We call upon all JEM users to update to this new version as soon as possible! More info in the changelog. Additionally, you will find a new module in the package: the Jubilee Module.

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This module shows past events on a specific e. Useful e. It's our birthday gift to the Joomla!

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Community that now celebrates it's dating quest xp mode de vie Birthday! August A set of updated languages pack has been uploaded to the site. The current version for all languages is now 2.

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Also, an initial file for Polish and Ukrainian have been added. June A big milestone has been se In June we crossed the A big Thank You to all volunteers! May Again some bug-fixes and many daing like Automatic import from Eventlist 1.

JEM 3. Free dating and friendship website matching Over dating sector undertaking under the us that one of time marketing your site german regional site. About What is JEM? I link attention to date a club, jerry.

JEM 3.


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