Dating film negatives pics


Nita's Negatives One of Ludham's oldest residents was Nita Townsend who lived to be over years old. The daughter of the village doctor, Nita lived in the area for most of her life. One day, Nita gave the Archive Group a large box of photo negatives. Nita thought that they were family pictures dating back over many years, but dating film negatives pics had no prints and her eyesight is no dating film negatives pics datig enough to give any clue about what the photographs might be.

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So the Archive Group began the task of scanning and printing the negatives. There were hundreds of them and it was a big job.

The fifteen images were chagrined around the outside of the disc. In larger cameras this piece of film may be as dating film negatives pics as a full sheet of paper, or even larger, with a player image captured onto one piece. If requested we can scan both parties of a source, so if you have a cherished empathize article source vital notes on the back, this will also be preserved. Lighter prints are particularly susceptible to deterioration and damage by going and tearing.

After scanning, each photograph needed electronic click and some even needed stitching together. Then there was the task of deciding if the picture was the right way round or a mirror image. We had to resort to any clues which might be in the dating film negatives pics like the click which people had buttoned their clothes.

After all this, we still had to work out what the pictures were. It truly was worth the effort of learn more here them.

Don't just take our word for it. Here are a few examples click the following article the Nita Townsend Collection: We think this source Staithe Road Ludham and it looks like they are moving home.

Dating film negatives pics

Nita's father was the village doctor and so was an important person. He owned a car and the picture shows it parked in The Street with Thrower's Shop and the Baker's Arms pub on the left.

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We don't know who these people are, but it is a nice picture This is Nita herself, ice skating on a frozen Womack Water. Womack Water often froze in the past although this is a rare event today. Did you know that link film Conflict of Wings was made on location in Ludham.

Here you see the crew in action. A really nice photograph.

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One of over in the collection. There are many photographs visit web page Broads boating in Nita's collection. At Red Roofs A happy group and a nice car.

Did they all fit in? On the road between Ludham continue reading Potter Heigham long before the A bypass was built. There is a boat under there somewhere.

Dating film negatives pics

To see more pictures from the Nita Townsend Collection, just click this link to go to a larger photo album. We don't necessarily know who or what is in the picture so if you can help with any information, please just go back to our home page and send us an e-mail. You can find out more about Nita and her life on this page - More Memories.


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